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Camper Reviews

Zev K, Age 12: "This upcoming summer will be my fifth at Mt Tam Bikes Camp. I started going to camp when I was 8 years old and a beginner biker. It was the first time I ever went biking on the mountain. Because of Mt Tam Bikes Camp I now love mountain biking and riding on the mountain every week. During camp, we ride on different trails every day of the week. My favorite ride is Camp Tamarancho because it has technical climbs and fun downhills. I also love riding up Mt Tam and practicing bike skills. I have made lots of good friends at Mt Tam Bikes Camp. All of the coaches at bike camp have been amazing. It is my favorite camp ever. I go during winter and spring and went for 5 weeks last summer and I can’t wait to go again this summer."

Sarah L, Age 11: "I loved last summer’s mountain bike camp. The trails were challenging but fun. I loved all the different places that we went to. My favorite day was climbing Mt Tam. Ryan was a great coach. He was really funny and nice. I would definitely tell my friends to try your mountain bike camp. "

Jack B, Age 14: "I started Mt Tam Bikes Camp three years ago when I was 11 with the only experience of riding a bike being around Mill Valley, never on a mountain. Right away, I remember the excitement and nervousness of that first ride in China Camp State Park and I still have that excitement every time I ride, which is now regularly. 

Mt Tam Bikes Camp really is modeled for the individual rider to reach and achieve their maximum potential. The camp leader Ryan Loften and the other counselors involved at camp, teach us bike safety, maintenance, techniques and other tools for us to succeed at camp and riding in the future. Every day of the week, we go on new trails and become stronger riders while having an amazing time. We also have a lot of fun, whether it be playing hilariously fun bike games after lunch, to yummy frozen treats after the ride to refresh us, to having a super fun and exciting water fight! 

After each day of camp, and after each week, I always have a better understanding of riding and the trails and paths we have been on. If you showed me a map of Mt. Tam on the first day of my camp career, I would not be able to say I knew it very well, and I definitely could not have said I had ever ridden on it. Now, Mt. Tam is like my big backyard, with endless places to ride and play, thanks to Ryan and Mt Tam Bikes Camp." 

Aedan C, Age 10: "Ryan and Brian are pretty cool instructors. They make the bike camp safe and fun. I accomplished great things like riding to the East Peak on Mt Tam which I never dreamed I could do. Not only did I learn how to ride a bike on mountain trails, I also learned how to care for my mountain bike. I have always liked mountain biking, but after a week of Mt Tam Bike Camp I learned to love mountain biking. I also learned how to mountain bike confidently and still have fun."

Nathan K, Age 12: "Mt Tam Bike Camp is a lot of fun in many different ways. You get to experience all the different Mountains and Trails and learn about bikes and how to change tires! There’s lots of laughs with friends and people you just met. Ryan is just the greatest guy who is a lot of fun. One day when I forgot my lunch, Brian got me a sandwich which was really nice of him! This was one of the best things I did last summer. I’ll be doing it again this summer and my friend is coming from Chicago just to experience this amazing camp too."

Daniel L, Age 9: "I really, really love Mt Tam Bikes summer camp. After doing it one week, I had to do it again. I could have done this camp all summer. I especially loved the fact that every day was a different adventure. They made it fun, exciting and I am a better rider. Now, I go up Mount Tam and can out ride my Dad!"

Jake C, Age 13: "The camp was challenging but really fun. I learned to manual and how to descend confidently in the attack position.  All of the coaches are fun and supportive. We got to ride a new trail every day and some sweet single track.  China Camp is the best!"